This Is Who We Are

YONMOSAK NIGERIA LIMITED Is an indigenous company incorporated under the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993. It is a private company wholly owned by Nigerians.

Yonmosak have a team of engineers, managers, technicians and skilled workers drawn from various disciplines of engineering. They have the experience and capabilities to handle projects of devise complexities and magnitudes in electrical, electronics, mechanical, computer engineering and procurement.
This team of professionals has successfully executed highly diverse projects in electrical and mechanical engineering, procurement of various engineering spare parts, tools and materials to support manufacturing process, public and organized private sector.
Yonmosak has proven to be invaluable ally in the development of infrastructural facilities in Nigeria. Our engineers and managers are well trained and are among the best in the industry. The wide range of experience of our staff and their competency guarantees the high quality of work we undertake.
We are very strong financially with the support of our banker guarantee. We can mobilize within a short period upon receipt of a firm order which always make us to deliver on schedule and meet our client’s satisfaction.

Our Services


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Customer Service

We react very quickly to complaint by using our resources to ensure that the needs of our client’s are identified and consequently resolved within the shortest possible time.

“What we usually consider as impossible are engineering problems...there's no law of physics preventing them”

Michio Kaku

Insights & Inspiration

Our Amazing Team

Engr. M.A Adeleke Shode

Managing Director

Mr kukoyi

Director of Operations

Adepitan Akinyemi

ICT Manager


We'll help you with meaningful solutions when needed.